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Varsity Men

Kevin Antonevich



Class: 2019

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Major: Applied Statistics

Favorite part of team: Being with a great group of people

Fun Fact: Never seen any of Star Wars



Tim Chen


Class: 2019

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Government

Favorite part of team: The cozy feeling of being in the erg room after a long day

Fun Fact: I was once quickly propelled across water on the noses of two dolphins.  I have picture proof if necessary.

Brenden Sawyer


Class: 2017

Hometown: Washington, DC

Major: Math

Favorite part of team: I like turtles

Fun Fact: I like turtles

Ryan Johnstone

Class:  2018

Hometown: Winchester, VA

Major: Premed

Favorite part of team: The team.

Fun Fact:  I never rowed a minute until I joined the team.  I ran cross-country and track in high school.

Josh Moody

Bethany oberg

Giancarlo Racanelli

Class: 2019

Hometown: Richmond, Va

Major: Neuroscience with concentration in pre-med

Favorite part of team: I get to hang out with the best people and do the sport I love at the same time.

Fun Fact: EMT and wilderness EMT certified





Class: 2019

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Major: Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Favorite part of team: I love how supportive everyone on the team is, it's like I've finally found my place here.

Fun Fact: I was almost expelled for accidentally bringing beer to show-and-tell in kindergarten.





Class: 2019

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Major: Biology

Favorite part of team: The team members act like a family.

Fun Fact: My Yik Yak game is on point.

Tristan Kuhn

Class: 2018

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

Major: Neuroscience

Favorite part of team: The sunrises.

Fun Fact:  I can't think of anything.


Josh Sacks

Class: 2019

Hometown: Oviedo, FL

Major: Government and Chemistry

Favorite part of team: Waking up at 5am

Fun Fact: I am SCUBA certified

Harrison Spruzem

Matthew Zachary


Class: 2019

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Major: Undecided

Favorite part of team:  Being out on the water on the warm days.

Fun Fact:  I think I am the only person ever admitted into this school who doesn't know any of the parts of speech.







Class: 2019

Hometown: Woodbridge, VA

Major: Biology and Chemistry

Favorite part of team: Sense of place, really feel like part of something that matters.

Fun Fact: No, Zachary is my last name.