Kevin Antonevich

Class: 2019

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Major: Applied Statistics

Favorite part of team: Being with a great group of people

Fun fact: Never seen any of Star Wars


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Penelope Benkard

Class: 2020

Hometown: Princeton Jct., NJ

Major: Math

Favorite part of team: 5am snap stories

Fun fact: I played ice hockey in high school

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Adam Hazard

Class: 2020

Hometown: Mount Vernon, VA

Major: Applied Statistics and Computer Science

Favorite part of team: Jakobi's Tharping/Regatta Tinder Game

Fun fact: I have business cards

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Josh Moody

Class: 2019

Hometown: Richmond, Va

Major: Neuroscience with concentration in pre-med

Favorite part of team: I get to hang out with the best people and do the sport I love at the same time.

Fun Fact: EMT and wilderness EMT certified

Dave Naitove

Class: 2020

Hometown: Wyncote, PA

Major: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Favorite part of team: Getting to wear spandex everyday.

Fun fact: I'm batman.

Bethany Oberg

Class: 2019

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Major: Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Favorite part of team: I love how supportive everyone on the team is, it's like I've finally found my place here.

Fun fact: I was almost expelled for accidentally bringing beer to show-and-tell in kindergarten.

Mitch Romano

Class: 2020

Hometown: North Andover, MA

Major: Marketing

Favorite part of team: Rowing jargon (I.e. bisweptual, coxswain, cox box, shaft, bow balls, catching crabs, stroking the boat)

Fun fact: I'm pretty decent at stacking rocks.


Josh Sacks

Class: 2019

Hometown: Oviedo, FL

Major: Marine Science and Chemistry

Favorite part of team: The purr of the erg

Fun fact: I have been stung by stingrays twice

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Jakobi Tharpe

Class: 2020

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Major: Psychology

Favorite part of team: Trying to not throw up at practice

Fun fact: I'm terrible at taking pictures

Steven Tomkpins

Class: 2020

Hometown: Louisa, VA

Major: International Relations and Economics

Favorite part of team: Racing in Regattas

Fun fact: I'm colorblind

Matthew Zachary

Class: 2019

Hometown: Woodbridge, VA

Major: Biology and Neuroscience

Favorite part of team: Ripping Fat Ergos

Fun fact: I rowed 100k (which is 2.5 back to back marathons) and didn't die


Justin Deuell

Class: 2020

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: History and Government

Favorite part of team: Rowing

Fun fact: Deathly afraid of water and lost a major bet.


Henry Kimmelman

Class: 2021

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Undecided

Favorite part of team: Chasing the bread

Fun fact: I’ve lived in Germany for 4 years.


Sam Mosquera

Class: 2021

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Major: History

Favorite part of team: Rowing

Fun fact: I’m a cashew enthusiast.


Lydia Mackey

Class: 2021

Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ

Major: History

Favorite part of team: Friends

Fun fact: I can play the piano


Greyson Pettus

Class: 2020

Hometown: Keysville, VA

Major: Government and Environmental Policy

Favorite part of team: Team dinners

Fun fact: I've raised sheep for 10 years


Andrew Oudkirk

Class: 2021

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Major: Classical Studies

Favorite part of team: The friendships

Fun fact: I was born overseas