Tribe Records


W. Meeker '16 - 1:19.2

W. Meeker '16 - 1:33.6

T. Moore '06 - 1:41.0

T. Moore '06 - 1:44.2





S. Luwis '18 - 1:36.9

S. Luwis '19 - 1:47.0

S. Luwis '17 - 1:55.3

S. Luwis '18 - 2:02.5



Fall Season

Head of the Charles

2008 - 4th - Women's Varsity 4

2005 - 4th - Men’s Varsity 4


Head of the South

2017 - 1st - Men's Club 1x

2017 - 2nd - Women's Champ 2x

2017 - 1st - Women's Champ 8 

2017 - 3rd - Men's Novice 8

2017 - 3rd - Men's Novice 4

2017- 3rd - Men's Varsity Ltwt 4

2017 - 2nd- Men's 2-

2016 - 2nd - Women's Novice 8

2016 - 3rd - Women's Ltwt 4

2016 -  3rd - Men's Ltwt 8 

2015 - 2nd - Men's Champ 1x 

2015 - 1st - Women's Champ 2x 

2014 - 1st - Women's Club 8 

2014 - 1st - Men's Club 8 

2014 - 1st - Women's Club 4 

2014 - 2nd - Women's Ltwt 4 

2014 - 1st - Mixed 4 

2013 - 2nd - Men's Ltwt 4 

2013 - 3rd- Women's Club 8 

2013 - 3rd - Men's Club 8

2013 - 1st - Women's Club 4 

2013 - 3rd -  Men's Novice 8 


Head of the Hooch

2017- 2nd - Women's Masters 4 (Composite)

2014 - 1st - Mixed Open 8 

2013 - 3rd - Men's Club 4 

2013 - 2nd - Mixed Open 8 

2012 - 2nd - Mixed Open 8 

2011 - 1st - Men's Ltwt 8 

2011 - 3rd - Men's Open 8 


Spring Season


2019 - 1st - Women’s Varsity 2x

2019 - 1st - Men’s Varsity 2x

2019 - 2nd - Men’s Varsity Ltwt 4

2018 -1st - Women's Varsity 2x

2018 -2nd - Men's Varsity 2-

2018 -2nd- Women's Varsity 8

2017 - 3rd - Men's Varsity Ltwt 4

2017 - 3rd - Women's Varsity 8

2016 - 2nd - Men's Novice Ltwt 4

2016 - 3rd - Men's 1x

2015 - 1st - Women's Varsity 4

2015 - 2nd - Men's Varsity Ltwt 4

2014 - 2nd - Women's Varsity 4

2014 - 1st - Women's Varsity 2-

2013 - 1st - Men's Novice Ltwt 4

2013 - 2nd - Women's Novice 4


Dad Vail

2019 - 2nd - Women’s 1x

2013 - 3rd - Women's 1x

2009 - 3rd - Women's Varsity 4

2007 - 3rd -  Men's Varsity Ltwt 4



2019 - 2nd - Women’s 1x

2019 - 2nd - Women’s 2x

2019 - 3rd - Men’s Varsity Ltwt 4

2018 - 1st - Women's 2x

2017 - 1st - Women's Team (Small Boat Category)

2017 - 3rd - Women's Novice 4

2017 - 3rd - Women's 1x

2017 - 2nd - Women's 2x

2013 - 1st - Women's 1x

2013 - 2nd - Women's Varstiy 4

2013 - 3rd - Men's Novice Ltwt 4

2012 - 1st - Women's 1x

2012 - 3rd - Women's 1x

2012 - 3rd - Men's Varsity Ltwt 4





A student named Glenn Grossman put in the effort to form a club.  He benefited from the guidance of Ed Hornsby, a local resident of Williamsburg.  Hornsby was a Yale graduate and former member of the US national team.  Steve Carlson, another Yale grad, also aided the team in these early years.  Carlson had previously been instrumental in building programs at Imperial College, London, in the mid-1970s and the University of Michigan in the late 1970s.  He helped underwrite the Tribe's first years.


Tom and Heidi Martell, who had both rowed on national champion varsity crews at the University of Wisconsin and who happened to work in the Williamsburg area, lovingly nurtured the program in its early years.  With the arrival of equipment underneath their supervision, the crew needed a place to practice on the water.  Jamestown Marina provided the first home to the program.


Sean Hart, a recent graduate, took on the job of Head Coach in 1991-92, until it was decided to find money to hire a coach to relocate to William and Mary.  

Richard Ruggieri, a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and then the novice men's coach at Coast Guard, became the program's first professional coach in the Fall of 1992.   The spring of 1994 brought William and Mary's first medal at a national championship regatta, achieved by the womens novice 4+ at The Dad Vail Regatta.

In the Summer of 1996, George Livingston and Charles Ehrlich moved to Williamsburg.  Livingston was a retired banker who was a national champion sculler for three years in the mid-1950s and who had won the Canadian Henley nine years in a row in three different boat classes.  Ehrlich was a political historian out of Oxford who had coxed, rowed, and coached at many levels on both sides of the Atlantic and specialized in program development.  Ehrlich was assigned the task of building a men's program essentially from scratch, and began by coaching the novice men in September of 1996.  Livingston took the helm of the women's side of the program in November.


The Spring 2000 season was marred by bad weather which caused the cancellation of many races, but the Tribe crews, under the guidance of new Head Coach Todd Haynes (a successful Canadian club coach), left the Mid-Atlantic Championships with a record medal-haul: five eights came home with medals, the highest total number ever won by William and Mary.  The Varsity Lightweight Women and First Novice Women each took Silvers, and the Varsity Men, Varsity Women, and Second Varsity Men each got Bronzes.  The finish propelled the Varsity Lightweight Women into the Division One national rankings, where they found themselves #20 in the coaches' poll.  The Second Varsity Men and the First Novice Women also reached the finals at Dad Vails.

On the water in 2001, under Head Coach Alia Reese, highlights included a bronze medal for the women's varsity eight (racing, as usual, in the NCAA Division One event) at the Mid-Atlantic Championships, and a gold medal for the women's second varsity (racing in the event for crews not in NCAA Division One).  The varsity men defeated up-state rival George Mason in a 2000-meter regatta for the first time in the team's history, when the two programs squared off at the Occoquan Sprints.  Soon after, the team dedicated its first-ever brand-new men's eight, donated by alumni (men and women) from the Class of 2000.


In the spring of 2003, led by Head Coach Brent Figg, the Tribe made a dazzling appearance at ECACs where the Women's Lightweight 8+ took first.  Around this time, the team once again changed locations to the Chickahominy Riverfront Park on Gordon's Creek, where they remain today.


A new Head Coach, Rob Montague, joined the team in the Fall of 2003 from the University of Connecticut and led the Tribe through many successful years.  In the summer of 2006, the team made its first steps toward making the Riverfront Park their permanent home by constructing a shed to house oars, slings, tools, and other equipment. The team continued to grow and develop under Rob Montague until the Fall of 2006 when new Head Coach Lisa Milne took his place.


It didn't take long for Nathan Walker to establish new expectations for success at William and Mary, as he quickly grew the team and led it (with the help of the esteemed David Wilson) to incredibly successful fall and spring seasons, capped by the first medal ever won by William and Mary Rowing at the Head of the Charles, and a third place medal at the Dad Vail Regatta that following spring (both won in the Collegiate Women's 4+ race).  The team built a brand new rowing dock in the spring of '09 (with significant help from President TJ Wallin). The summer of '09, Coach Nathan Walker started the team's first (and now annual) high school summer rowing camp.

Then in the summer of 2011, Coach Walker and Coach Travis Hall saw a three year boathouse building quest come to fruition, as the team dedicated the Tack Family Boathouse now long after classes started. Coach Travis Hall had taken over the Director of Rowing responsibilities in order to continue building upon the team's momentum as Nathan Walker planned on moving the following year. 


The team ran under the direction of, Jason Mitchell, who also coached the Varsity Men.  Jason Mitchell brought his passion to the team and contributed many successful and inspiring years to our team's history. At his side, Graham Ludmer was the Varsity Women's coach.  Both are alumni of Purdue University and good friends.


Graham Ludmer functioned as Team Director as well as our Varsity Women's and Men's coach. In Summer of 2017, Brian Comey and Sarah Tanzer were hired as Men's Coach and as the Novice Women's Coach. Brian Comey coached the Men's team to medal at regattas such as Head of the South, SIRA, as well as an entry to Dad Vails. Graham Ludmer and Sarah Tanzer coached the Women's team to many medals at regattas such as Head of the South, John Hunter, Waterfield, SIRA, and ACRA. In the Summer of 2018, Graham and Brian both resigned as coaches, leading to the hiring of Erich Shuler as Program Director and V. Men's Coach, as well as Sarah Tanzer to the position of V. Women's Coach.


William & Mary Club Rowing has welcomed Erich Shuler as Team Director, who also serves as the Varsity Men’s coach. Abby Williams and Chris Hein also joined our team as coaches of the Novice Women’s and Novice Men’s teams, respectively. In addition, Sarah Tanzer has moved her way up to coach the Varsity Women. Under this direction, a boat from the Women’s team was able to place 4th at Head of the Hooch, and both teams aim to medal at SIRA and ACRA in the spring.