Welcome friends, alumni, and parents!  Thank you for your interest and support for William & Mary Club Rowing!  The Friends of William & Mary Club Rowing (FWMCR) is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization that was originally formed as a booster organization for the team. Currently, the organization forms the support for rowing events, equipment, and outreach. Stay informed by following us on Facebook and Twitter, or going to our website, http://williamsburgrowing.org/.

It is managed by a the following highly dedicated, energetic and passionate group of alumni who make up the Executive Board!


  • President: Rose Dziedzic (Class of 2012)

    • president@williamsburgrowing.org


  • Vice President: Jessica Beckett (Class of 2016)

    • vicepresident@williamsburgrowing.org


  • Treasurer: Travis Moore (Class of 2009)

    • treasurer@williamsburgrowing.org


  • Secretary: Natalie White (Class of 2019)

    • secretary@williamsburgrowing.org

Other associates:

Emma Cleary, Emily Schultz, Sarah Tanzer, Alex Sullivan, Liesl Voges, Jamie Lewis, Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Mike Bayersdorfer