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Our nonprofit student-run program is in need of your help. Through donations from alumni, parents, and people like you, we are able to fund our trips to regattas and necessary equipment. Every year, we welcome more and more students to the team and need to keep up our amount of rowing shells in order to keep rowers in boats. Having up to date boats and oars can significantly help our crew compete with serious club teams. Our dreams and goals can be reached with donations you make to our team. Thank you.


To make a donation online, please use the boxes below and make a secure donation through PayPal using a credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account. The designation and amount in the link below are simply a suggestion; feel free to change them.

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Find out how to maximize your gift by reading our “Guide to Giving

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Donations are processed by the Friends of Williamsburg Rowing (FWR). FWR serves as the alumni and booster organization for the William and Mary Rowing Program. If at any point you desire to cancel your subscription you can do this from your PayPal account or by emailing