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Novice Women

Quinn Arnone

zayna elhady


Class: 2020

Hometown: Sherborn, MA

Major: English

Favorite part of team: All of the new friends I've made (and also seeing the sunrise!)

Fun fact: I know all the words to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."



Class: 2020

Hometown: Beijing, China

Major: International Relations and Chinese

Favorite part of team: The people and the tank tan lines.

Fun Fact: I'm a volunteer firefighter.

Caroline Garman


Class: 2020

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Major: Environmental Policy

Favorite part of team: My newfound appetite

Fun Fact: I once had three meals just for dinner!

Julie Luecke


Class: 2020

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Major: French

Favorite part of team: The melding of 5 or 9 people into one boat with one purpose.

Sophia Luwis


Class: 2020

Hometown: McLean, VA

Major: International Relations

Favorite part of team: When else do I get to see all my favorite people at 5 am?

Fun Fact: I have four adopted siblings from China so when I was younger, I thought that all babies came from China.

Jordan Martin


Class: 2020

Hometown: Appomattox, VA

Major: Biology

Favorite part of the team: Being on the water on the still and peaceful mornings.

Fun fact: I once swallowed a battery, so now I'm always full of energy.


Jessica Peyton

mason szlapak

Catherine tyson

catherine website.jpg

Jessica Wakelin

Claire willis


Class: 2019

Hometown: Mechanicsville, VA

Major: Business (undecided) and Kinesiology

Favorite part of the team: Being a part of a team and being in the best shape that I've been in in my entire life

Fun fact: I can't blow up a balloon :(


Class: 2020

Hometown: Gainesville, VA

Major: Government and Sociology

Favorite part of the team: everybody cheering each other on

Class: 2020

Hometown: Tazewell, VA

Major: Chemistry

Favorite part of the team: It gives me a good excuse to eat a lot of food

Fun fact: When I row I feel imPORTant



Class: 2020

Hometown: London, England

Major: History

Favorite part of the team: Seeing the stars, sunrise, and sunset, and also all the people.

Fun Fact: I was a competitive figure skater before college, so crew is the first sport apart from figure skating that I've ever done.



Class: 2020

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Major: Undecided

Favorite part of the team: I love the teamwork and bonding that goes on! I also love being on the water! We get to see the sunrise and sunset on the water and that's pretty special.