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WMRC Store


Welcome to our team store!

Newly up and running, the team store is our way of helping to streamline the process of supporting the team financially!

Fundraising Dues

Fundraising Dues in full if you want to get them out of the way.

Even better is to do Rent A Rowers to work off some or all of it.

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Membership dues

An easy way to get your dues in...which means no excuses when Liz comes to harrass you about not having your money in on time

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Spring Break Training Trip (Cocoa Beach)
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Spring Break Training Trip

William & Mary Rowing Club has a tradition of starting their spring racing season, with a week long trip to Florida.  For the past 4 months, our athletes have been working indoors on the rowing machine, running, and lifting weights, to help us get in shape for the very competitive spring season.  The winter training is truly invaluable to helping us win racing, but spring break offers the athletes (2) practices a day, to shake off the rust, and get back into the swing of rowing in a shell with their fellow teammates.  This (1) week training session, is equivalent to (3) weeks of regularly scheduled practices, back on the Chickahominy, making it a hugely important step in gaining the competitive edge on other crews.

However, it is not all work, and no play.  During the week, we also make sure the squads have plenty of chances to bond with each other.  We set up evening excursions, a traditional trip to Chili"s, and yes, even a little rest and relaxation on the beach. 


Access to sewsporty rowing gear for rowers and families.


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