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One Tribe, One Day

WM Rowing

On March 28 2017, William & Mary is celebrating One Tribe One Day

One Tribe One Day was invented by the school to try and drum up alumni engagement and donations, which can be attributed to certain organizations, such as WMRC. Thus, this money can go both towards the school's engagement/dollar goals and benefit the team at the same time.

Money put towards WMRC will go into our development account with the Rec, which is where we save money to get new things like our new King 8+.

Here is the website to donate! Directions are below.

So after clicking on the link, select Give Now, and it will take you to a new screen. Select how much you want to give, then in the "I want to support..." tab, click search, and type in Rowing. Rowing Club should pop up; select it, then follow instructions from there!

And the link to the social media guide put out by the school:

P.S. All WMRC members who donate, no matter how much or how little, will receive a fun T-Shirt at Occoquan Sprints! Send your tshirt size and reciept (which will be emailed to you).