Occoquan Challenge 2015

This past weekend, October 4th, the team travelled to Northern Virginia to compete in the Occoquan Challenge. We took both our varsity and new novice squads up Saturday afternoon to row Sunday morning. Rowers stayed at the homes of team mates where they were greeted by carb filled dinners and sleep before the big day on Sunday. The team was entered into an 8 and a 4 for all 4 squads as well as a lightweight men's 4 and a championship single. Then our novice and varsity women's coaches entered in a double.

Hurricane Joaquin's reign of terror was unable to dampen our team's spirit. It did not even rain all day and the winds were manageable, even with the 180 degree turn. 

This regatta was a great first one for our novices because it gave them a taste of what our big fall regatta will feel like as well as the competition level that they are capable of. The novices rowed well and we are excited to see what these next few weeks on the water will bring to their skill level.

The results are as follows:

MEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLE: William Meeker 2nd 17:47

 MEN'S CHAMP EIGHT: Varsity Men's 8 2nd 15:53 Novice Men's 8 4th 18:03


WOMEN'S CLUB EIGHT: Varsity Women's 8 4th 18:35

WOMEN'S FRESHMAN/NOVICE FOUR: Novice Women's 4 2nd 26:10

MEN'S CHAMP FOUR: Varsity Men's 4 3rd 16:50 Varsity Lightweight Men's 4 4th 17:53

MEN'S CLUB FOUR: Novice Men's 4 4th 20:08


WOMEN'S FRESHMAN/NOVICE EIGHT: Novice Women's 8 4th 21:45

WOMEN'S CLUB FOUR: Varsity Women's 4 3rd 18:40

MIXED DOUBLE: Varsity and Novice Women's coaches 5th 20:22

Thank you to all the families who hosted rowers and the Occoquan river for hosting the regatta overall!

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