About The William & Mary Rowing Club

The crew here at William and Mary is, and has always been, an entirely student run organization.  All recruiting, event planning, travel plans, fundraising, and purchases have been weighed and decided upon by the students within the crew.  We even decide upon who we wish to hire as coaches, and who we will trust to steer the direction of the program to even further success.  Behind each coach was a group of caring full time students also working hard to keep this great organization running.  The student athletes of the William & Mary Rowing Club dedicate their time to competing and excelling in a sport they love, while adhering to the high academic standards of the College.  Through rowing, the club's members build important traits that they will carry with them long after their last strokes on the Chickahominy River.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization shall be to successfully compete in the sport of rowing, while developing sportsmanship and teamwork in the spirit of the liberal arts education which the College of William and Mary espouses.

WMRC Constitution

Fall 2018 SCHEDULE




Want to support?

If you're interested in donating food for a regatta, contact our Outreach Coordinator, Quinn Arnone

Interested in donating to our wishlist

Interested in donating money for a specific equipment piece? Want to see exactly how your money supports the team?

Click here to look at our wishlist and buy equipment to support the team. Our wishlist shows the equipment pieces that we currently need, their prices, the links to the website to buy it, and the amount of that item that we need. Please email williamandmarycrew@gmail.com for an address to send the equipment to and to inform us of what you have donated to the team so we can keep the wishlist updated.

Check out the rent-a-rower program

Need help with raking leaves or moving boxes? Hire one or more of our rowers! Our Rent-A-Rower coordinator, Dave Naitove, is available at dmgouldennaito@email.wm.edu . Click here to visit this page.

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